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When you purchase this service, you're going to need help and advice. And we find that the majority of our clients do not know what to do. So as at a success enhancing service to you, we have a number of ways to help you make this purchase a successful asset for you that will throw off the maximum potential amount of income of financial security and prosperity. There are no guarantees in life, and there are less in business. But we have found that by using the additional combined or separate services we offer, your success, your monetization, your, your probability of turning this into a long term, income generator or wealth creator is multiplied many times over. These services can improve, enhance and expand the probability of success. We offer them, either individually or together.


The Patent Profiler Performance Platform includes:

1)       US patent search (unlimited number) 

2)      Detailed Provisional patent application (unlimited number) 

3)      Utility patent application (1) 

4)      Foreign patent application (1) 

5)      Response to non-final Patent Office Action (unlimited number) 

6)      Response to final Patent Office Action (unlimited number)  

7)      Design patent application (unlimited number)

8)      Patent Cooperation Application Fees After Filing (Publication, Etc.) 

9)      Continuations (unlimited number) 

10)      Divisionals (unlimited number)

11)     Patent checked before issued - Free

12)      Responding to Misc. USPTO communications  (unlimited number)

13)     Formal Drawings (unlimited number) for utility app. 

14)     Formal Drawings (unlimited number) for design app. 

15)   Trademark searches (unlimited number)

16)    Patent Filing fees for every item above

17)    IP strategy sessions bi-weekly to discuss IP issues and ask any questions

18) One mobile app build - $20,000 (does not include Apple or Google fees for publishing your app on their mobile stores)

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Our firm is offering our "Client Protection Guarantee." This Client Protection Guarantee is:

Guaranteed Issued Patent Application or Our Firm Pays You $25,000. 

*conditions apply*

If the patent application will be allowed, but the description or claims or any other aspect is different in some way from what you wanted and you do not want this difference (and you tell us), then the guarantee no longer applies and the payment will not be sent.

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