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The standard plan does not include "Get Guaranteed Issued Patent And Trademark Applications Or We’ll Pay You Out Of Our Own Pockets!"

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Do you want additional patent services?  

If You Want To File A Patent or Trademark Application With The United States Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO), Please See The Fees We Charge Below.

For All Of The Fees Associated With The Below, These Do NOT Include The USPTO Filing, Search And Examination Fees To File The Intellectual Property, Nor Do They Include The Price For Paying A Patent Draftsmen To Prepare Formal Drawings. You must pay the filing fees yourself.

Our Patent Profiler Solutions:

ALL PURCHASES INCLUDE TAX (NOT SHOWN HERE)                                                                                                                               
We hired a company to prepare patent drawings (formal drawings) for your patent application. They are a reasonable price, but we don't know how much the formal drawings will be until we draft your case.

Price does not include cost of travel and incidentals.

Some prices may vary depending on whether you are a small entity or micro-entity.

We do not litigate or defend patents or patent applications. For this type of work, please contact a patent attorney litigator.

We also do not do Patent Trial and Appeal work or derivation proceedings.

Rates above do not include cost of travel and incidentals.

Drafting a patent application usually takes me about two weeks to three weeks (depending on complexity).

Drafting a Response to a patent Office Action usually takes me about a week (depending on complexity).

"Thank you for your amazing job with our patent application. It was a pleasure working with you and you made the process so easy!" 

by Abby, Inventor

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  A Guide to Drafting a Patent Application

Do you want to know about drafting a patent application?

Most firms charge about $1,500 - $2,000 for a trademark application and about $3,000 - $6,000 for a trademark response.  Most firms also bill hourly, which makes clients spend a lot more money. We charge less and have a set price for every service.

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    Trademark searching$750.00
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    Trademark Application (per class)$1000.00
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    Response to Trademark Office action$1200.00
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    Final Trademark Office Action Response$2200.00
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    Misc. Correspondence  ($400)                                     $400.00
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    Subscription ($200.00/mnth)5x $200.00

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